Im trying really hard to find time to blog, I’ve actually got three other posts on the go, but with two under two, life is a little crazy/busy, but I love it. I really enjoyed going back into Carters monthly photos and posts so I’m going to do the same for Devin.


Size/Clothes- He’s going to get weighted and measured on Thursday but as for his last checkup (2 weeks ago) he was 8lbs 2 oz, and has grown an inch, now 20.75 inches long. He’s almost out of newborn clothes (depending on the brand) but is way to small for 3 month clothes. We’re now in the good old 0-3 month sleepers.

Sleeping- He’s a little prince when it comes to sleeping! He feeds around 9:30/10pm, again around 2:30/3am, and then his morning feed is at 6am. Not too bad at all!! Feeds are no longer taking an hr, but down to 35-40 minutes.

Food- Just mama’s milk. He’s had his first bottle and took it like a champ.

Loves- Cuddles, being bounced and his MamaRoo.

Not a fan- Diaper changes and tummy time.

What I want to Remember-  How tiny he is! I’m trying to soak up all this precious time with him, everyday he’s getting just a big bigger and before I know it he’ll be on the move.

What I’m looking forward to his first social smile, when he can start to interact with us a bit more, for when Carter and Devin can actually play together. I’m looking forward to seeing the boys grow up together!

IMG_2749 IMG_2747 IMG_2479


40 Weeks


How far along?
40 Weeks (I’ve carried this baby for 3 days longer than Carter)

How big is baby?
19-22 inches, and around 6-9 pounds. The size of a watermelon.

What is Baby doing this week?
Babe’s lungs are fully functional! Babe has enough fat under his skin to keep warm.

Weight Gain?
32 lbs. (I gained a total of 26 with Carter)

Continuing to grow!! Im measuring a bit smaller as baby has dropped down into my pelvis.

Maternity Clothes?
Oh yes, and Brent’s.

Stretch Marks?
I noticed my first mark…. its small tho, but yes, I have one.

I seem to have lots of energy in the evenings, maybe its because I’ve been napping when Carter naps. I’ve been going to bed around 10, waking up once to twice to pee and then sleeping till 630/7am (when Carter wakes)

Just the normal, heart burn, having to pee all the time.

Best moment this week?
Having Brent home for 6 days, he’s busy nesting too (I’ll be blogging about his project)

Miss Anything?
When bending over to pick something up wasn’t so hard and I kind of want my body back.

Jabs more than anything, babe has ran out of room.
Food Cravings?
Food aversions?

Anything making you queasy or sick?

Have you started to show yet?
You betcha!!


Labor Signs?
Nope, none yet.

Belly Button- In or Out?
Still an innie.

Wedding Rings- On or Off?
Still on, I have no swelling.

Feeling good, went to the Chiropractor and RMT this week, my hips are all inline and my body is nice and relaxed.

Walking, playing with Carter.

Looking forward to:
Meeting this little one, although after Easter, or after Good Friday.

Preparing for Baby by:
Cleaning up around the house. I have all my “lists” ready, the hospital bags are packed (except for the electronics and snacks). Carters stuff is all ready incase he needs to go anywhere. Frozen meals are all done, crib is up, diapers are washed and ready to go, so are the NB clothes. Got the City Select stroller all ready to turn into a double. Not much more I guess, although I’m sure I could always find something.

I’ve also been really enjoying my one on one time with Carter, I know that my attention is going to be shared between the two of them, so for right now soaking in all the little moments that I can get.


Toddler Saftey

Carter is growing up more and more every week (well of course he is) but yesterday and today he has been starting to climb up furniture, and very interested in the stove. We have a few safety items around the house (baby gates, cupboard locks, electrical outlets blockers) but now it was time to think about furniture and the stove. A coworker of mine posted on Facebook about securing TV’s and dressers to the wall (to be honest, I didn’t even know these existed).

So we went to Baby’s R Us today and picked up a few items.
IMG_4377 IMG_4384 IMG_4385

It did cost around $50 for the 3 items, and yes we watch our spending money, but honestly safety is priceless. If Carter ended up with a burn, turned on the gas stove and we had a leak, or if the TV fell on him I would have beaten my self up for months, or years. So $50 is being well spent. (I’m sure there is more safety stuff that we need to get too).

I was able to put on the knob covers and the stove guard on in less than 5 minutes. I’m going to get Brent to help with the furniture straps later today.

But I just wanted to share some baby/toddler safety with everyone, and please share what you feel is important.

Here’s how the stove now looks.

Chalk Paint Project #2

I can’t believe that I was able to chalk paint TWO pieces of furniture this week! They have been sitting in the house/garage for over a month or two, but I am so happy that they are done!

A few months ago Brent and I were discussing where the Baby was going to go after our room. Since we own a 3 bedroom house (plus a loft) and I really like the idea of having a spare room for company it made sense that the kids would share – doesn’t matter if they are the same sex or not. So because of this I needed to find a dresser that would work for the room (certain dimensions so it would fit between the two cribs and by the window. And well, after a few weeks of searching I found one on Craigslist for $20, and once again the people where only 15 mins away!

I really wanted to be bold and paint the dresser an orange, green or navy blue. But, since we don’t know the gender and I want it to last for more than a year or two; I chickened out and went with an old white.

I was able to do 2 coats one evening after Carter went to bed (I left one hour in between for drying), and then finished the 3rd coat and wax it the following day. Total time spent, 3-1/2 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix,  just under 3 hrs!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is amazing!! After doing two projects, each one with 3 coats of paint, I still have HALF the tin of paint and over half the tin of wax.

What will my next project be…..

Once again, Thanks Andrew for the spray paint!!
I did buy 4 new knobs this time around, and used the bottom 4 that it came with and spray painted them the flat black.

Total cost to the project
$20 dresser, $18 knobs, and $25 paint/wax (if you split the $100 that I spent into what I used) = $63













Chalk Paint

Since moving into our house I’ve had ideas, plans on how I (we) want our space to look, the vibe we want from our home. Since Brent and I love the farm life, and really wish that we could live on a farm we wanted more of a country, cottage feel.

With that comes some work (unless you want to spend lots of money buy new furniture). It’s a slow process of finding the “right” piece and then fixing it up.

I’ve bought this dresser off of a bidding site for less than $40 (and the lady only lived 5 mins away!)
I wanted it for our entry way. A place to store some shoes, Izzies items, and just random odds and ends that we need.

I’ve done LOTS of reading on chalk paint. I bought some of the Behr from Home Depot (in the states) and used that for Carters wooden crates, and for two shelves. It honestly was really thick, I had to add lots of water to the container and it didn’t “glide” on that easy. So when it came to actual furniture I wanted something that wasn’t going to waste my time (since it’s been rare for me to have some time to do projects). I decided to go with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (yes it is expensive) I also bought the wax as well (also expensive) from the Passionate Home in Langley. For the paint and wax it was $95 but since I got the piece of furniture for such a good price, and apparently one can of paint can do quite a bit of furniture out I thought that I would try it for myself.

And…. It is amazing paint!! I was able to paint this in 35 mins (for the first coat)

IMG_2157 IMG_2158
Because the dresser was such a dark wood, the ladies at the Passionate home told me that I would probably have to do 2-3 coats of paint. Another amazing feature about chalk paint is that it dries very quickly. I was able to do 3 coast, each one taking about 30 mins to do.

Then I used the clear wax to finish up the dresser. It took about 25 mins to apply. I had read online that waxing is a huge pain, but I really didn’t find it a pain, but my arm did get sore pretty quickly with the same motion over and over again.

I learned that hard wear is expensive! SO i just decided to spray paint the hard wear that it came with (my brother had left a flat black can of spray paint from when he was here this summer, so I used that. Thanks Andrew!) IMG_2145 IMG_2166
I did two coats of spray paint, let it dry outside (in the sun) for an hour and then reapplied it to the dresser.


This is the final result. Im quite happy with it!! Actually.. I LOVE IT. And I probably used about 1/6th of the can of paint and about that in the wax as well.

And total time actually spent on the project, around 3 hrs.

IMG_2172 IMG_2170
So would I recommend the ASCP, yes! Although it is pricey, it gets the job done quick, is great quality, and there are lots of colours to choose from. (This is the Old White).

Next…. the dresser for the nursery.


Just because I love my tulips that I got for my Birthday from Brent.

Maternity Photos

With most of February raining I was nervous when it came to doing our maternity photos. I wanted them to be outside and was wanting a green background. But of course its “winter” and nothing has started to bloom yet, with nonstop rain for days, the parks were full of puddles, and we were searching for a place that would work with a non-walker-toddler.

And we found the perfect spot. The Steward House in the Cresent beach area. And in the end, it was a cooler, sunny day! So thankful.
Thank you to Heaton Photography who did our maternity photos and will be doing our newborn/family photos.

DSC_4615 DSC_4677 DSC_4707 DSC_4848 DSC_4918 DSC_4916 DSC_4975 DSC_4992 DSC_5012 DSC_5036 DSC_5058 DSC_5102 DSC_5156 DSC_5188 DSC_5198 DSC_5213 DSC_5277 DSC_5310 DSC_5350

36 weeks

Poor baby #2- I haven’t even done one blog post about this pregnancy. I have been keeping up with the journal tho! Just no time to write everything down twice these days.


How far along? 36 weeks, 1 day

How big is baby? 20 inches, and around 4.8-5.5 pounds. The size of a honey due.

What is Baby doing this week? Babe’s lungs are almost fully functional! Since all of the growth and development has been done, babe is busy putting on weight before making their grand exit.

What is my body doing? With babe being head down, there’s lots of pressure on my bladder, that means lots of trips to the bathroom. It’s important not to cut back your fluids but just to make those trips.
I also this week got screened for Group B Strep. For adults its harmless, 30% of us carry it. But if it is passed onto baby and they get infected its bad news. To avoid this, if I’m positive I’ll just get IV antibiotics while in the hospital during labor.

Weight Gain? 25 lbs. (I gained a total of 26 with Carter!)

Belly: Continuing to grow!! Im just inbetween apts, I saw my midwives last week and will see them this week but Ive been measuring right on track.

Maternity Clothes? Yes, and this time around its not as easy to find normal clothes that will still fit. Winter you really need to buy maternity clothes. Since Im near the end Im rotating between many of the same outfits.

Stretch Marks? Still none!! Please stay that way!

Sleep? I wake up around 3am wide awake but I can fall back asleep within 15 mins or so. I’m getting up twice a night to pee, and since Carter sleeps through the night these sleeps seem amazing.

Symptoms? Just the normal, heart burn, having to pee all the time.

Best moment this week? I went back to the OB and he has given me the all clear to try for a VBAC!

Miss Anything?  When bending over to pick something up wasn’t so hard.

Movement? Little movements, theres not much room in there anymore for large kicks. Babe continues to have hiccups 2-3 times a day.
Food Cravings? A&W rootbeer

Food aversions? Nothing

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope

Have you started to show yet? You betcha!!

Gender? Unknown.

Labor Signs? Nope, not yet.

Belly Button- In or Out? In – for now, but its not as far of an innie as it used to be.

Wedding Rings- On or Off? On

Mood? Feeling good!

Exercise: Walking.

Looking forward to: Meeting this little one, although not too soon. After Easter, thats the date I want.

Preparing for Baby by: Nesting!!
The crib is put back together, I’ve made another 2 crib fitted sheets (one boy and one girl) The mobile is almost done (once again just need to add the last bit depending on gender), yesterday I pulled out the newborn clothes, they seem so tiny!
And here is the comparisonIMG_4071
Im more puffy in the face this time around….