100 in 1001

I like writing list, it could be because i really enjoy crossing each line out as I complete it. I write list for the grocery store, for going away on weekends, list of actives I need to do this week, write list in my agenda, and lists for what still needs to be done for my wedding. I’ve had a few friends Blog out there 101 in 1001 days and thought this is something that I also want to do. This past month we had to write goals for work that we wanted to complete in the next year. I took this list and just added on into my everyday life-  goals about health, money, adventure, tasks, friends and family and so on.

My start date was June 8th 2011, and have until March 5th 2013 (which will just happen to be my 28th Birthday). I’ll be keeping this page up to date from now until the end date, and I’ll periodically write blog entries and take photos when I complete particularly important goals.
So here we go! 
Health and Fitness
1) Do the Grouse Grind in under one hour
2) Run a 5K – Completed May 7/12 with Brent
3) Run a 10K – Completed May 25/12
4) Do a triathlon
5) Surf a green wave
6) Eat local for one month
7) Cut out junk food for two months – Completed May & June 2012
8) Drink more water – New Years Resolution 2012 – we’ll see…
9) Do Bikram- Started one month unlimited June 17/11
10) Use the gym 3 times a week for a month
11) Teach Brent to snowboard
12) Go paddle boarding  Completed- August 24/12
Church and Religion  
13) Read the Bible (Genesis to Revelations)
14) Buy the ESV study Bible – May 12/12
15) Join a small group at my Church – September 2011
16) Get Baptized
17) Become a member at my Church
18) Go on a Missions trip
19) Volunteer with West Side Kids
20) Go on a Christian retreat- couples or womans – We did a Marriage retreat with Westside to Whistler, Completed May 4-5/12
21) Start building more community in Vancouver – Working on it, Fall 2011
Everything Else 
22) Go to NYC
23) See a Broadway musical in NY
24) See the Northern Lights
25) Visit 3 or more Provinces – Completed, April 16th (BC, AB, and now Ont)
26) Go on a Cruse
27) Take a cooking class – Nov 24/11 (The Dirty Apron)
28) Try canning – Completed- July/12
29) Host a Christmas Dinner (with all the trimmings)
30) Volunteer with the Food Bank or the Union Gospel Mission
31) Give back to an individual in need
32) Sort through files on my computer – August 1/11
33) Organize my closet- Completed- June 26th 2011 (Sold both of my dressers and had to organize my clothes and closet)
34) Sell or donate my stuff I no longer use or need – February 10/12
35) Get Married – August 19/11
36) Go on a Honeymoon – Got to go one two, August 20-23rd (Summerland Waterfront Resort) and In September went  to LA and visited, Disneyland, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.
37) Throw a sit down dinner party
38) Throw a themed party
39) Go 72hrs without using my laptop or phone – April 17th to 21st
40) Go to Europe
41) Donate Platelets (I already donate whole blood but they want my platelets too!)
42) Go on a picnic
43) To start enjoying wine – November 2011- Picked up a Red Zinfandel and loved it.
44) Buy a stranger a meal  – June 12 2011- A homeless man on the street asked for some Chilli and Milk.
45) Ride a vespa/scooter
46) Reno my (soon to be Kitchen) with Brent – November & December 2011
47) Get a puppy – January, 31/12
48) Walk the puppy – February 1/12 onwards…
49) Start walking more in the rain- instead of driving everywhere – we now only have one car- completed- January 2012
50) Call my Grandparents more often currently working on this.
51) Get a Vitamix (decided this was not worth the money)
52) Buy a second property
53) Learn to use spices and herbs
54) Play my guitar again
55) Bring Brent to Vegas
56) Plant a tree
57) Go on a road trip (longer than 3 days)
58) Go to Disneyland, meet and get a picture with Mickey – September 2011
59) Donate my hair
60) Create a family tree
61) Read more marriage books (1/5)
– My so called life as a Proverbs 31 wife.
62) Update my iPhone, possible an iPhone 5 by the time my contract is up. – Bought an iPhone 4S Sept/12
63) Get a better cell phone contract – August 30/11 -one of the first things that we did once we got married
64) Buy a new MacBook
65) Learn to walk in heels – August 19/11- completed this for my wedding.
66) Buy a pair of designer heels
67) Take the NCLEX
68) Cook 1 new recipe a month for a year
69) Put away $10 for every goal that I complete
70) Stay at a B&B
71) Put change in someone else’s parking meter
72) Find an agenda that works for me – Finally! January 2012
73) Go on a Girls weekend trip
74) Pay for the person behind me in a drive through
75) Leave a 100% tip
76) Get a group of friends together and support or give a family a Christmas donation – December 2011- A Loving Spoonful
77) Upgrade my car I no longer have a car (September 2011)
78) Bring a hot meal to a friend for no reason
79) Go on a fancy date with Brent DT– maybe not dt, but completed- Seasons in the Park – March 2012
80) Make a new friend – November 2011- Her and her Husband are very sweet!
81) Send out Christmas Cards – December 2011- only sent out a few this year.
81) Get a personalized photo to send out for the Christmas Card
83) Be a vegetarian for 1 month
84) Go horseback riding – July 28/11 – With Teen adventures, up at Crystal Waters Ranch
85) Reno the pantry – December 18/11
86) Don’t complain about the weather for a month – Completed- August, September and now October 2012
87) Eat more fish (at least twice a week for a month)
88) Visit Galiano Island
89) Go Ziplining
90) Do the polar bear swim
91) Learn to stick to a budget – November 2011 to present
92) Go 10 days without spending money (bills and groceries don’t count) Feburary 15-25/12
93) Only spend $100 of each paycheque (rest goes into savings) – Currently- working on this.
94) Pay off my student loans – July 18/12- last payment!
95) Save $500 in coins – then use it for a trip
96) Get Chemo and BMT certified – October got Chemo Certified
97) Walk to work for a month – August 2012
98) Stop eating after 2am (when working the night shifts)
99) Take on a student and be a “mentor/preceptor”  Feb 8th-April 5th 2012. It’s been a wonderful experience.
100) See the Canucks play in a different city- Suggested by Jen Martin
101) Do the Tough Mudder! – Completed June 2012

Marriage Retreat
Our Budget
Cooking Class – The Dirty Apron
Crystal Waters Ranch- Banjo
 Got Married
I had to post two pics, one to meet Mickey, On the California Adventure side..

And one for our Honeymoon at Disneyland


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