My First Blog- The last 18 months

I’ve been reading a lot of wedding blogs and friends blogs so I thought, I want a blog. I don’t know if many people will read this, but I thought why not.

I’ve been living out in Vancouver for 18 months now, I left the town I was born and raised in to work at BC Children’s Hospital. I graduated from nursing school in April 09, got a job at the local pediatirc ward but found that it wasn’t challenging enough for me. I couldn’t see myself nursing anywheres else (adult wards) so I applied at BCCH, got an interview and was hired in the fall. It was the best move that I could make for my career but it defiantly was hard on my social life.

I moved in with a friend and lived with her for 8 months, I started to learning how life in the city was, crazy busy. Most people has their set schedules, I noticed that a lot of people have their routines (of course I cant generalize and say everyone) but working random shifts (self scheduling) made it hard to join a group or class as my schedule was never the same. I had a hard time making friends. Im sure you could say what about the people at work? Well I was on the “float pool” so I worked all over the hospital and no one in the hospital has a set schedule so you may meet someone and not see them again for a month or two. I did start a new Church, WestSide, which I am very blessed and thankful for. I did meet one of my first friends from there, who actually lived the floor above me! That’s God at work!

6 months into my move I joined a gym and my amazing friend and roommate became a huge support to me. With her support, some motivation and a personal trainer I was able to lose 20lbs, (I kept it all off too!)

In February 2010 the Olympics came to Vancouver, what an amazing experience to be able to take part in. The country was united and everyone felt proud to wear a maple leaf on their clothes, The Bay was a huge reason for this (I still wear all the clothes I bought from there). During this time is when I met my now fiance, Brent.

Brent had moved from spending 10 years in the states (getting two degrees and working as a travel nurse), he had moved back to BC almost a year prior but was staying with this brother till he found a place in Van. We met at work, both looking to find some Christian community in the city, we hung out a little bit during the olympics, we both went to the same church and found that we had a lot in common. I found a new cycling partner for the summer!

Then Christmas morning we both got off work (I forgot to mention that we kept this a secret at work – that we were dating), and Brent asked me the question “will you marry me?” my eyes swelled up with tears and of course I said yes! Then I called my parents to give them the news, and texted a dozen or so friends, and tried to get some sleep for another night shift.

In Feburary after returning from a trip to Australia together, we went back to work and started to tell people that we were engaged. So that pretty much leads to where I am now, engaged and living in the city.


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