Gym Etiquette

I’ve been working out quite a bit for the last 18months. I go to the Kits Steve Nash and most times there is someone who has bad gym etiquette but today was horrible, so bad that I’m blogging about it.

Im not talking about the carido people who spend more than 30 mins on the treadmill. I’m talking about the people (ladies) who don’t lock up their stuff in the lockers and are caring their purse, sweater, towel, water bottle, and possibly change of clothes with them from station to station. It gets in the way of others! Lock it up.

Then today there was the woman who hoarded every piece of equipment she could and was not within her reaching distance. In fact I tripped on her dumbell. I work out in the ladies only section and today there was only 4 people in there (when I started to work out). It’s a pretty large room, rectangle. Two sides are ment for stretching and free weights and the other two are for the circuit. This woman was laying on the black mat right in front of the circuit equipment, I mean right in front. (which she saw me using), she didn’t move and and I had to skip the last part of the circuit. Just pick up all your crap from all over the place and move, there is lots of spots to choose from!

Just as I am avoiding her, another woman comes and goes to the next equipment that I was going to use. Ok, I can skip that one and come back to it later, except, she’s using it to do some funky stretching. Go to the stretching section!

Finally another pet peeve that I have is when people hog one equipment, I don’t mean doing your set, waiting 30 seconds to a minute then doing it again. I’m talking when people are laying on the equipment for 5 mins and they are not doing anything. In fact I thought this woman was sleeping.

I understand that there was not many people in the ladies only section, compared to how it can be. But seriously, have some etiquette!

Dont even get me started on people to text and stay on the equipment, there are people who come to the gym to actually workout.

I think that is about it, if you are one of these people who have bad gym etiquette please stop, it drives everyone else crazy!


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