Adding to the Family

Brent and I have talked for almost a year about getting a dog, we decide that it needs to be a puppy so that Bailey (our cat) would still be able to hold his ground and keep the puppy in his/her own place. At first we wanted a rescue and looked around but found that many come with social or other issues and both of us doing shift work we needed a dog that would eventually be able to be left alone for upto 12hrs. (We are going to hire a dog walker during the shifts that we are both working)

Breed was the next question, what kind of dog do we get? I wanted one that was hypoallergenic, and because of our strata laws needs to be under 30lbs. So I started to look at the mini goldendoodles, mini labradoodles, or a mini wheatenpoo (wheaten terrior x mini poodle), but these breeds were not for Brent and these dogs cost quite a bit of money. I decided to get Ceasar Millans book – “How to raise the perfect dog” and one of his dogs that he got was a mini schnauzer. As I was reading this book Brent has the same idea about a schnauzer and found a breeder in Vancouver. We both agreed that this would be the breed for us, they are small enough for our apt, would still be able to go hiking with us, hypoallergenic, loyal (what dogs aren’t?) and very smart (which could get her into trouble in the future).

We met with the Breeder, met some of her adult females and her two adult males and found out that she would be breeding soon. I immediately fell in love with theses dogs, honestly, I’m not a fan of the show cut, but with shorter buzzed hair and no beard these dogs are so pretty. On November 15th the puppies were born. Kylee (the mom) had 3 girls and two boys. We are first on the list for females, after the breeder pickers her top pic, we get next choice. It was a long two weeks before we were able to see the pups, they were all black and so tiny.

We next visited the pups at 4 weeks.
Next visit they were almost 7 weeks
We’re hoping to visit them again this week (they will be almost 8 weeks!) This is the time that most people would bring their puppy home, but because we wanted a female and our breeder wants the top girl, we actually don’t get her till week 11 or 12.

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