Couponing! – No, not extreme.

Since getting married Brent and I made some financial goals, where we want to be in five years, trips to save for, another or larger place in Vancouver, ect. But in order to do that we had to make a budget. We decided to follow the lady from Til Debt do us Part, Gail Vaz-Oxlade and do the infamous Jars. 
Here are some of her great resources. 

With only having a certain amount of money put aside every two weeks for groceries I started to coupon, price match, and save! 
There are a few websites that mail you coupons.

printable coupons
this blogger is up to date with her coupons

don’t forget to check your mail, and newspaper, there you will also find some great coupons. Smart Source comes in the newspaper every 3 weeks or so- they have many coupons. 

A few tips for couponing….
1) Collect, the whole goal of this to be able to use the coupons when the item that you want is on sale. 
2) Check your weekly flyers to see whats on sale. You can also go to and check out any store that you didn’t get a flyer from.
3) Price match! No Frills, and WalMart will price match- so don’t forget those flyers!
4) If you find an item that you need, and its on sale and you dont have a coupon for it, just google some manufactures have coupons on their website. 
5) Dont go crazy overboard, sales on the same item seem to happen every 6 weeks. 

Here is what we bought on our first couponing/price matching shopping trip. 
I will admit that its not the healthiest of food, but lots of it is staple food/items that you would need. All of this came to $63.75 a savings of $33.00 


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