Tough Mudder

A few weeks ago, I received an email that was sent out to all the staff wanting to see if anyone was interested in making a team for the Tough Mudder. My first response was “no way, thats crazy” but then as people started replying that they were in, it got me thinking. A 10 mile run in the mud, and 25 military obstacles could be fun. I watched a few videos off their website and my heart started to race, my anxiety level grew, and fear set it. Brent was sitting beside me as I was watching these videos and he could just see the uncertainty in my face, but with a little bit of a push/coaching from him, I sent a replay saying that I was in. 
Now training has to begin. I’ve never even ran a 10km run, and now I’m going to be doing a 10 mile run, and in the mud, eek.  Brent and I decide that we should do a 10km run, we wont be able to do the Sun Run with heading off to Ontario to visit his family, but the Run for Water is sounding appealing and the money goes to help families in Ethiopia get resource to fresh, clean water. 
I’ll keep up some blogs about the training, and of course how the Tough Mudder was. The date- June 23rd in Whistler. Keep me in your prayers! 

Here’s the Video Promo- Check it out. 


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