Meet Izzie!

This last week we were able to pick up our puppy, Izzie. We had been visiting these pups since they were 2 weeks old, and since we were wanting a female we didn’t know which one would be ours until the breeder made her decision on which female she wanted, but we had been eyeing one since we first saw them. We called her the petite one (she was not the runt tho), and the week before last we found out that she would be ours. 
We weren’t really sure what to expect, read Ceaser Millan’s How to Raise the Perfect Dog, watched some of his episodes on you tube, and thought that we could do this. Its been a few days now of having her and what I have learned is that she likes to play, lots, and not by herself, but with us. Her personality keeps us laughing, she’s still kind of clumsy- especially when playing. She does sleep though the night and is really good on the leash, and seems to enjoy nipping at our toes (we’re working on this!) Overall it’s been a great few days, and just as everyone was telling me, I am a little more tired but it’s been worth every minute. 


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