Million Dollar Neighbourhood

Million Dollar Neighbourhood

There’s a new show on the Oprah Network, and it takes place right here! Not in Vancouver, but in Aldergrove, a community about 45 mins away from Vancouver. They have gotten 100 families to work together to collectively increase their net worth of 100,000 each week and over 10 weeks to reach a million dollars.
This was filmed near the end of summer to mid fall of last year, I only know this because there was a few people that I know who’s facebook status’ would mention a task that they needed to complete, I really had no idea what all they were doing.
The show is aired on Sunday evenings and after watching one episode I was hooked, who doesn’t like to save money? And while watching it I saw three different families that I know- so proud of them all! Each week the neighbourhood has a task that they have to complete, a mega garage sale, wine and dine night, learn about money spent on eating out, how to find hidden money in your taxes, ect. If you haven’t seen this show I recommend that you spend 45mins and watch it online.


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