Turning 27

This past week I turned 27, that means I’m no longer in my mid twenties but getting closer to my late twenties, and I’m actually excited about that. Life is getting better everyday. I’m now a wife to an amazing, caring, and devoted husband- who takes great care of me. I’m now a puppy parent, and who knows what else God hold for us.

To celebrate turning 27 Brent wanted to take me down to Seattle for the weekend. I love Vancouver, but I also really love Seattle. Each district has its own uniqueness to it. My favourite (right now) is Fremont. A troll under a bridge? Really? That’s awesome! Each time we visit Seattle Brent knows to stop there just for me. That silly troll always makes me smile. I also love the vibe and feel of Fremont, it makes me think of a larger scale Granville Island, with lots of neat shops and great little restaurants.
Pike Place is another one of the places that we go to and visit every time. Of course there is the Original Starbucks in Pike Place, but I love the men outside of it singing, they are having a great time being there. We went though the Market and picked up some Chukar Cherries (yummy!), and stopped by the gum wall! Each time we have gone to Pike Place we always seem to forget about the wall but this time we made a point to see it. Definitely something to see- it only takes a few minuets and its literally right beside the market.
And of course there is all the shopping that needs to be done in the states. The Outlets, The Rack, World Market, and the dining out, Macaroni Grill and Qudobia (this is always a must for us).
We did want to just relax and be together this weekend. My parents were very gracious and took Izzie for the weekend and we were able to sleep in!! Its been just over a month now of always getting up at 8am to take Izzie out for her am walk. The funny thing is, I still woke up at 8, Brent on the other hand was able to sleep in till 10 with no problems.

We went down to Seattle on the Friday and returned Sunday evening. We went back to Abbotsford to get Izzie but Bailey our cat needed to get surgery the following day on his ear (this would be my actually birthday) but of course our cat is important to us and Brent went back to Vancouver that evening to get Bailey all ready for his surgery that would be in the morning. Brent dropped him off and then came back to Abbotsford with flowers in hand. I really wanted to milk my bday for all that its worth, so our first stop, Denny’s! You get a free breakfast on your birthday. Next stop, David’s tea. Brent wanted to get me a gift from there but didn’t know what tea I really wanted, and to be honest, neither did I. So, I picked the Winter Collection, 6 different teas! I also got a free tea from the lady that worked there. I can’t even remember what the name of it was, its a black tea with raspberries and cocoanut in it. It was pretty good.

Then we just relaxed for the afternoon, had dinner with my parents and the plan was to head to Langley to pick Bailey up, then drop him off at home and take Izzie to puppy class. This is where our plans changed a bit. While driving Brent noticed right away that he was having a hard time getting the car into a gear and shifting gears. We drove for a bit then decided to turn around and go back to my parents, we made it back to their house, in second! And once the car was parked in front of the house, it died. We called around a found a tow truck that would tow it into surrey were our mechanic is. Turns out it isn’t the clutch, but the cylinder had a crack and all the fluid for the gears leaked out. So that’s a relief.

In the end this crazy busy day was still wonderful, I got to spend the day with my husband and family and can’t wait for all the craziness that 27 will bring.

Just one of Fremonts many arts. These guys get dressed up all the time. 
Gum Wall in Pike Place 
My beautiful birthday flowers from my husband and Izzie
Tea anyone?! I love Davids Tea! Thanks Brent
My wondering free breakfast from Denny’s
I turned that age that I’m excited when I get kitchen stuff- thanks mom and dad! 
Our car at the shop
Bailey after we picked him up from the vet, post ear hematoma surgery 

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