Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Last winter Brent asked me a few times if I wanted to go snowshoeing and I was very quick to say “no thank you”. This year I had a few friends that went and told me how much they loved it and thought, why not give it a try? After all I’m sure Izzie would love to see the snow. We asked around and found out that Seymour has free trails (provincial) and they allow dogs! I didn’t have any hiking or boots that would be suitable, but a girl from who I just met for the first time offered me hers to borrow (Thanks Rachel!), we went to MEC to rent some snowshoes and headed up the mountain.
I was a little nervous wondering if it’s going to be hard, or awkward walking but once I got the snowshoes on and started walking I quickly learned that it’s really easy, and only as hard as you make it.
Over the last month we’ve headed up 4 times, thanks to some friends who let us borrow their snowshoes we only had to rent once. We’re defiantly thinking about buying some for next year. 


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