Hungry Girl

My weight and appearance is something that is important to me, not because I’m shallow, but because I want to feel good about myself. A few years back (while in university) I didn’t care about any of the foods I ate. I really think that I wasn’t aware of all the “junk” food that I was eating. It wasn’t long before I wasn’t fitting into my clothes anymore. Then I started to work out, eat right, and I’ve kept the 18lbs that I lost off for almost 2 years now. So when I heard about this website, I thought I would share it.
Its from a woman who hates to diet but loves food, she’s not a dietician, or a scientist, she’s creative and loves looking at the nutritional information on the side of the food boxes. She’s also on the Food Network. 
There are hundreds of recipes on her website, some of my favourite ones are to add cauliflower to pasta to bulk it up and you can save over 200 calories. The next time that you bake a cake from “the box” don’t use the egg, or oil. Just add a can of club soda and cook as usual. It won’t rise as much as the box recipie but you can save your self a hundred calories per slice. 
Check around her website, and enjoy!! 

A little more rounded in the face
 Top of Grouse Mt- after doing the Grind 
 Summer at the lake. 
Current picture

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