A taste of Spring

This last week we have had such amazing weather, glorious sunshine. It’s been even better because I’ve had the week off to enjoy it, Brent on the other hand has had to work most of this week.
I started to do some spring cleaning and the patio was first on my list this way I could spend some of my time out there reading, people watching and just enjoying the sunshine.

On Friday Brent and I had a date night, we went to one of our favourite restaurants, Dockside, we both enjoyed a AAA sirloin baseball steak with some side greens, seasons veggies and garlic, mashed potatoes. Then off to the Vancouver arts club for a live theatre show- Gordon. 

Today I went and took Izzie to the dog park. A few weeks ago Brent and I let her off leash in the evening since there was no other dogs around and she just took off, so we’re going to give her a few more months before we try that again. With her leash on she was able to socalize with the other dogs and play a little, and attempt to eat lots of grass, dirt, and moss. I don’t think I was aware that schnauzers eat and dig so much! On a side note, I have never actually seen a St.Bernard- they are massive! And the owner had two, one was 175lbs and the other was 165lbs! 

On Saturday Brent and I took our bikes out from storage and we went to Costco, see here in Vancouver you have to pay for parking at Costco, so we just take our bikes down and this way it also limits us on how much we can buy (and spend). While at the check out the lady asked me if I was in financing or something, (I take that as a complement). We bring only enough cash for the item thats we will need, this way we don’t end up buying the whole store. 

This weekend we also were able to file our taxes online, we had friends recommend Turbo Tax and I would recommend it to everyone, its simple and easy to follow. However, if you have a Mac, the disk won’t work for you and you need to buy the program online. Luckly, Brent’s computer is a PC.

I really hope that everyone was able to spend some time outside, apparently the weather is supposed to change to rain all week. 

These pictures are from my walk to Church this morning. 


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