This is such a personal post for me…
We all have dreams. I love my job, I actually consider it more of a career. I love the families, the interactions that I have, helping them when they are near their lowest point (or could be). I love interacting with the kids, playing with them, knowing what are their comforts, what makes them feel better, what language do they use for certain words. I love knowing the children and their families as more than their diagnosis, knowing what their hobbies are, favourite colours or if they prefer Backyardigans vs Dora. I’ve also had some of my first’s where I work; first time I ever watched Jersey Shore (I had to be in the teens room for 15 mins while giving him blood) first time playing crazy dance games on Wii with them, first loss, and I remember sending my first patient home once they were done treatment. 
I love every minute of it, but there are some hard times. Working 12hr day shifts are easier, but I’m starting to feel that nights are getting harder. I know, I’m only 26, err 27 and I’ve (only) been doing night shifts for 7 years, 4 of those years were part time, but for the last 3 years its been full time and mostly nights, and my body is starting to feel it. Besides this last week that I had off, I had a constant headache for over 2 weeks. 
I’ve been looking into photography, it’s so hard to possibly think of leaving nursing. I got a degree, I’ve spent many hours on further education. But I love taking pictures, I love capturing moments. I wouldn’t even know where to start. I found my self reading Justine’s blog quite a bit over the last few months (we went to high school together) I remember when she was starting out, and she’s even having a workshop on how to start your own business. I would have been the first to sign up but I’m not even on this side of the Country. It’s such a huge jump, of not knowing how it will go, many business don’t make it, there’s so many photographers out there, what would make me special? And financially how could I even do it? Living in Vancouver is costly! Brent and I both depend on both of our incomes and taking a drastic cut would affect us.
Well these are all of my thoughts about this, for now. We never really know the directions that God leads us, maybe this is something that I will peruse in the future, maybe God see me with my families and kids. If only I could do both….
Here are a few pictures that I took today of Izzie


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