down on the farm

This last week Brent and I headed out to Ontario to a little town name Orono (funny because I learned that its Toronto without the T’s) to visit Brent’s family. Brent’s parents bought his grandma’s (Beppe’s) farm from her when her husband died last year. It’s just over 5 acres, has a decent size pond, two apple orchards, some pear trees and this year they planted some nut trees.
I am happy to say that I was able to complete #39 off of my 101 in 1001 days, no computer or phone for 72 hrs. The farm doesn’t have any internet and Brent and I don’t have a data plan on our phones, thus leaving us internetless for 4 days. But in that mean time we were able to spend the week with family and friends.
We did plan to spend a day in Toronto, we went to a taping of Steven and Chris at the CBC studio, and got some great freebies. I’ve never been to a taping before but on this day Steven or Chris didn’t really interact with the audience, not too sure how I feel about that. The CBC studio is right beside the CN Tower, so we thought that we would be tourists and head that way. Last year we did the Space Needle and it really wasn’t too much of a difference (so save your $27 per person), only, this time the view is of Toronto and they did have a glass floor. After that we didn’t really have too much planed so we decide to see if we could miss rush hour and head back to Orono- we didn’t make it, the 401 was crazy busy even with 8 or 9 lanes, you can still come to a stop.
Brent’ and I were also able to spend quite a bit of time with his Beppe, she’s had two strokes in the last year and is having “mini strokes” TIA’s, quite often. So it was wonderful getting to meet her and spend some time with her. Although she can’t move the left side of her body, she is still very much with it and is quite sharp, and blunt too (lol)
Our week at the farm was wonderful, but I think the one most affected from leaving is Izzie, she went from 5 acres, to 150 sq ft.

And here are a few pics from Toronto


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