Happy Friday everyone! To some people this means its the end of their work week, to others its the beginning. Wherever you are in your week I hope its going well. 

My friend Bonny posted this on her blog last week and I thought it would be fun to write about what is currently going on in my life, enjoy!

obsessing over: Work, life, family. Everything that I should really just be putting my trust and faith in God. 

working on: some spring cleaning! Going through drawers, closets, boxes, ect. Also, trying to figure out my new camera and all the settings. 

thinking about: life, its so expensive. 

anticipating: Whistler next weekend with our Church for a Marriage Retreat – I’m excited and nervous. I only know one other couple that is going, but I can’t wait to see how God’s Glory is going to shine

listening to: Spotify, I love this program! 

eating: healthy! I’ve cut out junk food for two months, then I’ll only eat junk food on sats and special occasions (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries ect) It’s been almost 3 weeks, 5 more weeks to go. 

praying for: patience, grace, my husband, to be a better woman of Christ, for my friends near and far.

wishing: Vancouver wasn’t so expensive. 

Just a few pics that Brent took of me playing around with my new camera. 


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