date day

Having date nights are really important once your married. Brent and I have been married for just over 8 months (it’s gone by fast too, no wonder people say that 10 years can just fly by). We’re still learning each others communication style and some routines. Even though we see each other everyday (well most days, unless we’re working opposites), and we talk all the time, it’s still really important to have dates. They don’t have to be expensive or elaborate, just time together, enjoying each others company, and having fun.

Last night we went to Granville Island to the Arts Club to see a live show, Scar Tissue. We got these tickets as a Christmas present from my brother, (Thanks Andrew!) It’s always great to head off to Granville island in the evenings. 

And today we headed out to Agassiz to the Tulip Festival, I went a few years back but Brent has never gone. I think he was pretty surprised to see 3 ares of tulips. We had a great time taking some photos, and just going for a drive and a walk.

 and a little something for me to take home! 🙂

On a side note, I’m pretty proud of my self for running 3.5km (without stopping!). The plan for tomorrow is 5k, and to be doing this everyday or every other day, slowing increasing our distance until we (I’m pretty sure that Brent already can) run 15kms. We are a little short on time tho, I want to complete this goal by June 23rd (that’s when our Tough Mudder is). Then there is the workout part that still needs to be done, it will be a balancing act between work, family, puppy, running and strength training. I saw a quote on pinterest and I thought of it today while I was on my little run. 


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