Yesterday was my rest day, and I really needed it. My legs, abds, and upper back muscles were hurting. Of course its that “good hurt feeling,” but it actually does hurt. I was quite happy just to have the day off.
Today was another story. Worked a 12hr day shift. Was crazy busy on my feet. Woke up at 530am. Got home at 745pm. Went for a 6km run! A girl from route recommended a route that she likes to do and it was an amazing route. Starting from our place, down to the seawall (False Creek) through the Olympic Village, past Science world, by the Concord Pacific, over the Cambie Bridge, back onto the Seawall, home! 
I need some motivation, I love the feeling after I workout but it’s honestly not fun to work out. Pinterest has many little motivation pins, here are a few that I wanted to share with you. 


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