whistler weekend

I had been waiting for months to attend Westsides first marriage retreat. We worked the Thursday night shift, we got home after our shift, had a nap and then headed for Whistler. We arrived a few hrs before the retreat started so it gave us some time to head out for dinner and walk around. I love Whistler, its beautiful, peaceful, and a great getaway from the city. 
The retreat started Friday evening, there was 40 couples who attended, it was great getting to meet new people and see some familiar faces. 
The weekend was great, we defiantly felt Gods presents and know that he is very present in our marriage. 

We decided not to bring Izzie with us, (even tho the Fairmont allows dogs) just because we didn’t want to have to keep her in her crate all day. With our crazy work schedules and many events that are happening in our lives right now, Izzie is staying with my parents. We did head back to Abbotsford and I got to spend some time with my puppy! I don’t think it will ever get old the amount of love and how she greats me (us) when she sees me (us). 

Remember those tulips that Brent bought me from the tulip field? They’re starting to bloom! 


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