happy nurse’s week

Happy Nurse’s Week!!

I should start off by saying that I am so proud of the nurses that I work with, used to work with (ARH, MMH, PAH) and went to school with. I’m sure that I have learned something from everyone of you, that you have helped shaped me into the nurse that I am. You have given and shared much information and knowledge that could have taken years for me to learn (I know, I’ve still got lots to learn!)
Every now and then someone says “I could never do what you do” and I’m never really sure how to take that. I’m sure they mean it as a complement, but nursing seems so natural to me. It does have its hard times, but I feel like all the good times make the bad ones seem a little more bearable.
I found some of these posted on pinterest and facebook over the last week and thought that I would share them with you. *warning* most are pretty true.
And to all the doctors I work with (who may read this) I absolutely love working with all of you guys as well, it’s wonderful to work in a place where I don’t have to feel small when I ask questions. You all embrace questions which is wonderful. 

Nursing School Pics- Maternity Rotation- watching my first baby being born (he’s 7 now!!) 
Peds rotation- MSA. 

Some of my closets and most dearest friends I’ve met while nursing. 
And of course my favourite person 


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