half marathon?!?

I’ve kept up with my running and exercising over the last week. Sometimes I don’t feel like running, I push myself tho. But after every run I feel so amazing. Brent gives me the encouragement that I need (he’s learned from many trail and errors how much encouragement I need before he becomes “too much”).
The city that I live in is so amazing, I know that I’ve mentioned this before but it really is. Now that summer is fast approaching all I want to do is spend all of my time outside. This last weekend was the BMO half marathon and after hearing about many friends who did it, I thought maybe this was something that I could do. There is a ScotiaBank marathon happening in June (maybe July) but the lululemon one in August is in my thoughts. August 11th, Its under 100 days, maybe even under 90. Its also the day that my girlfriend is getting married. The run starts at 7:15am, leaving me lots of time for a 3pm wedding. Its a thought, maybe something that will happen.

My View, My Run


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