standard driving

Right after Brent and I got married we deiced to go down to a one car family (really, there was no reason for two and living in Vancouver, two insurances, more gas ect). This was a huge change for  me, I’ve always been the girl who had her independence via her car. I was able to go where ever I wanted (well almost) but weekend trips away were not a problem for me, and when meeting up with friends for coffee I would drive. So the decision to give up a vehicle was BIG. My car was pretty old but in good condition (1992 Corolla) and Brent had a 2000 Civic. We deiced that it would be best to keep the civic, he had just boughten in a year ago from a lady who never drove it, it came with 70,000km. However, and this is a big however, its standard. I did learn to drive standard when I was 16 but I really didn’t like it that much, I understood it and was able to drive but lets face it, I’ve spent the last 10 years (wow, its been 10 years already!) driving automatic.

Lets just say over the last year, Brent has been my chauffeur. Brent’s really been encourage me to drive, but I refuse, well around Vancouver. There is lots of traffic, and hills, and angry people who are late for work and I dont do well under those stressors. I mean we walk to work, and if I need to meet a friend for coffee I either ride my bike, walk, take the bus, or ask Brent to drive me.
But this last week I was talking to a friend of mine and she’s also encouraging me to drive standard (obviously she drives standard) so today Brent and I drove to Abby and once we hit Abbotsford I drove around “town”. For the most part I did really well, I just need coaching on when to downshift (I’ve got the upshifting good to go). With Brent being my support, us sharing many laughs over the evening, and hearing a few “don’t ride the clutch” and “you can let the clutch out” the driving standard evening went well, until next time… 


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