mexican night

We haven’t had Mexican food in quite a while, so I decided that I would make a Mexican fried quoina and then wrap it in a rice paper. Sounds pretty tasty, except I’ve never really used dry beans (well only for the slower cooker with chilli). So I let the black beans and pinto beans each soak in their own containers overnight (and most of the next day). I fried up some ground turkey, made a pot of quoina, added some corn to the turkey once it was all cooked, and then looked at my beans and noticed that they were still really hard. I decide to only put half of the amount of black beans in that I wanted into the frying pan – and at this point I thought hummm.. maybe I need to cook these beans too…. well my instincts were right.
Apparently if you don’t soak beans overnight you cook them on low heat for 4-6hrs, but with soaking them you still need to have them on a low boil for 45-60 mins. I really wish that I knew this sooner, or else I would have boiled them in the morning when I got off work. 

To say the least I was a little sad that my Mexican night didn’t turn out right. Brent on the other hand was really supportive (he really thought I knew that you have to boil the beans after you soak them) he ate the dinner and even gave a little complement. I mean the first year of marriage you complement all the meals right?! Well now I know for next time.

(my left overs) 


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