Visit to the puppy doctor

A few days ago we noticed a sore on Izzies left paw. We weren’t sure if she was growing another nail (yes its possible) or if she has a sliver, or if its a virus. We watched it for a few days and decided it was time to take her to the puppy doctor. We have an amazing Vet, Dr.Benipal, he’s great with Izzie, he’s caring, really listens to us, is very patient with her, and us- after all this is our first time being puppy parents. 

After a checkup he’s not too sure if Izzie has an infection, or a virus. He decided a course of antibiotics and to see how it looks. We were already soaking her paw in salt and he said to continue for the course of the abx. 

We have been thinking about pet insurance for a while now. We talked to many of our friends, some have insurance, some decided not too. We talked to Dr.Benipal about it and got a 30 day trial from Trupanion we then talked to a representative and decided that because the deductible is not yearly but per “illness” that it was worth it for us. 


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