baking lesson

The other day Brent and I had the day off together, it feels like its been forever since we were home (with Izzie) with no big plans, just relaxing and reconnecting with each other. We made a wonderful steak dinner and for dessert I was planning on making some banana chocolate chip muffins. As I was getting all the ingredients together I noticed that we actually didn’t have any chocolate chips, so I looked up some other recipes and found banana coconut muffins. As I was getting all the ingredients that I needed for this recipe I found some coco powered and thought well why don’t I just add some of this to make it chocolatey? Seemed like a good idea. So I mixed up all the dry ingredients, and then thought, “I wonder how much coco powder I need?”. On the container it had a recipie for brownines (which asked for a cup of the powder) so I decied that a 1/4C was probably good enough. I mixed the wet and dry ingredients together, the instructions then said “fold in flour mixture until flour is just moistened”… how moistened, is moistened? This is where my troubles started, maybe I should have taken out 1/4C of flour? It’s a little late now, so I just added some water. I’ve made muffins before and thought maybe it needs to be the same consistency as those ones…. but it says “just moistened” and I didn’t want to overmix (I know that much about baking) so I left it with an extra tablespoon of water and figured that it would be fine. Well the muffins didn’t really rise in the oven, and they are pretty dense (as per Brent) but lesson learned-  find a recipe that has all my needs. 


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