the countdown is on

Two weeks, TWO WEEKS!! Till the Tough Mudder. I watched the video again last night and the same thoughts came to my mind as it did the first time- those people are crazy! Now I’m going to be one of those crazy people. What the heck am I doing?!? But then just as I’m thinking those thoughts, the excitement overtakes me, and I can’t wait.

So with two weeks to go, we went on another beautiful run, my time is slowly improving, nothing amazing, but I am improving.

Today I deiced that I should try out my mudder clothes and see how they feel. The shorts have an inner spandex that slowly ride up, and the shoes kill my feet. So I’m happy that I tried it before hand, if the shoes continue to kill my feet, I’ll probably just wear one of my shoes and destroy them. Better the shoes than my feet!

This is obviously before the run, my feet are pain free. Although I did just cut my finger …

On a side note, 11 days till summer!!

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