follow up apt

I’ve had a few people ask me how Izzie is doing (thank you ladies!) She is doing much better, she finished her antibiotics last night, and her paw looks amazing, you really have to look hard to find where the sore was. 
We did still want to do a follow up apt with our Vet, he’s happy with her paw but a little concerned about a lump on her back. It’s from her vaccine, and we noticed it almost a month ago. And like good puppy parents we’ve been doing warm compresses everyday (most days twice a day) for a month, and the lump isn’t really going down. So today Izzie got a biopsy and it’s going to be sent off to see if its connective tisse, or something else. There isn’t a problem now with it, its just that it can turn into a sarcoma if left for too long (and obviously we don’t want that).
Izzie did great with the biopsy, actually I think I was worse. She didn’t even move or make a sound.
She’s back to her old playful self and in a few days we’ll hear from the vet and find out the results.

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