cooking in the kitchen

I feel like I should really have a series on me in the kitchen. I really do hope that these post are entertaining.
This weekend is a big weekend for me, I’ve pretty much been planning this weekend since the fall. I can’t really say just yet whats happening but it’s going to be fun, and a surprise to someone.

I wanted to make a dessert, I’ve never actually made angle cake, but I saw something on pinterest that I wanted to make.
My last baking session in the kitchen didn’t go over so well, you can see the post here. So today I thought that I would read the directions very throughly, twice, maybe even 3 times. As I’m doing this I realize that the directions are pretty strict. Cold water, check. Large bowl, check. (I wonder how large do I need?!) A mixer, check. Oven preheated to 325, check! I bought these really cute little bundt pans, and a 4″ cake pan and really wanted to use these, so I did. 
As I’m mixing the cold water and the cake mix (yup, out of a box) and mixing it, the angel cake really starts to rise (ahhh, this is why I needed the large bowl), Brent standing beside me is telling me to only fill up the pans 1/3’rd, I thought that I would listen to him since the cake mix rose so much just in the mixing. I filled up 5 of the little pans and had so much extra mix left over, I don’t have an angel cake pan, but Brent quickly found a oven safe container that would work (it’s a baking dish that we use for shepards pie!) {lol} only to find out that the cake will lose its fluffiness pretty quick after you mix it if you don’t put it in the oven right away.
Problem #1– I already put the little 5 cake pans in the oven- I know that once I open the oven the heat is going to escape and my cakes are going to not rise properly. {you’re impressed that I know that aren’t you!}
Problem #2– The oven is set for 325 because the little cake pans are dark, the rest of the mix is in a white ceramic container (needing the oven to be a 350)
Problem #3– because none of these containers are what is on the box, I have no idea how long each of these need to be in the oven for.

YES, Wish me luck!


I sat infront of the oven for 25minutes, and figured that the little mini cakes we’re ready, they were nicely brown on top. I opened the oven and tried to quickly get them out. Of course, once I opened the oven, the main baking dish- sunk. And only two of the mini cakes turned out. I decided that since the darker pans were out I would turn up the temperature to the setting that it should be, 350F. I continued to let the dish cook for another 15 mins, took it out and flipped it over onto a cooling rack until the cake was completelty cool. After sitting there for an hr, I poped out the cake, and it looks pretty good! Quite impressed with myself. 

We’ll just see how tomorrow’s cooking adventure will turn out. 


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