it’s a celebration.

This weekend has been time spent with my dad. He turns 60 today (Happy Birthday Dad!) Yesterday was fathers day, and on friday the family threw my dad a surprise 60th birthday/retirement party.
He had no idea, my brother flew out from Stockholm for this, my Aunt and Uncle was here from Edmonton (good timing guys!) the invites we’re sent 6 weeks ago, and a party to celebrate my dad was going to happen.
I had this plan in my head of what it would look like. Everyone in the backyard, BBQ, decorations, friends, lawchairs, music, sunshine. Most of that happened, except for the sunshine, it poured!! So the party that I had in my mind was moved into the house, with 25 people coming, it was going to be a tight squeeze.
We had a hard time getting him out of the house so we could decorate, my husband and uncle took him around town to look at houses and go to MCC. That gave the ladies and my brother about 2 hrs to decorate. We knew that the timing was going to be off, he was going to be home before the guests arrived, and we were right. The boys came home about and hour earlier than what we were wanting (thats ok) he saw the decorations and was surprised, so then we told him that the family was coming over for a BBQ. He still had no idea it was a party.
Thankfully, the family was the first to arrive. We all chatted for a little bit, once some of my dads friends started to arrive, it clicked in, its a party! He was so happy, thankful, blessed, and taken back.
Even though it rained we had a wonderful time celebrating my dad, for the many years that he’s been working to support the family, to give us kids what we needed. Although he’s not retiring this month, soon enough he’ll be retired.
Happy Birthday, Fathers Day, and Retirement Dad, we love you! 


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