Tough Mudder Part 2

Its been almost a week since we completed the Tough Mudder, and the high from it hasn’t gone away.

Here is the second part, if you missed part one, you can find it here

The 14th obstacle was called Logged Jammin’ this was our first “bottle neck” we waited probably around 30 minutes or so and had no idea what we were waiting for. We decided to join the line that was moving, turns out we were going around the ice wall and could see why this was taking so long. You had to climb up a snow/ice hill, climb down and walk over a bridge. By walking around we went into a swamp and then climbed onto the bridge and continued on our way.

Then we ran for once again what felt like forever, we ran passed the 9 mile mark, 1 more mile to go, or at least this is what most of us though. Another 1.6kms of running. “I can do this” was going through my head. We started to see lots of the spectators, and I was thinking it would be so nice if I saw someone that I knew, I just kept running. Then I hear it, someone cheering my name, the though of maybe there was another Amy beside me did pass my mind, but then I saw Tracy from work, and I go a huge smile on my face, and not far behind her was the rest of my team, we had made it to our next challenge. 
Electric Eel (15). This one was one of my favourite ones, could be that I never got shocked, or that it reminded me of one big slip and slide. 

Once again it wasn’t that long of a run till (#16) Kiss the Mud #2. This time the mud was warm, and had a lot less rocks. 
(Pictures of the team are taken by Melissa’s hubby- Jon Kralt)
After kiss the mud we ran to the over-under logs (#17) Trench Logs, once again I felt like this was one of the challenges that I was better at, climbing over a log, jumping off, getting under the other logs, seemed like something that I would have done as a child. Just watch out for the barbwire. 
In my mind we are still almost done, the 10 mile mark has got to be just around the corner. But as we keep on running we hit another water/banana station. And my mind starts wondering why is this here? Then the girl says, “you’re almost done {duh, I knew that!}, only 3 more kms, and 5 more obsticals”. My heart sank, but then I thought, well, I’m already this far, gotta keep on going. I grabbed some water our team started to run again. Only this time, it didn’t take long to see what we were going to be doing next, a huge steep hike. We could see a trail of people walking up the the hill that had the ski jumpers on (for the olympics), and now it was our turn to climb it. TM called this one (#18) Cliffhanger 
The only thing that I could say to myself was to just keep moving and put one put infront of the other. 
Im not sure what I was expecting to be at the top, but mud wasn’t really one of the thoughts what went through my mind. Somehow TM was able to LOAD of mud up to the top of the mountain. Then we started our 1km trek down in mud up to our knees. I actually thought this was a lot of fun, but if you didn’t watch your step you could slip, or really hurt your self.
Once getting to the bottom I met up with the team (we all got split up), and waited for a few more lades before we headed off {again!}.
We arrived at the next station (#19) Hold Your Wood. Just when you think that you can’t really do anything more, you have to grab a log, hold it, walk up a hill approx 500-800meters, then walk down the hill and drop off your log. Doesn’t sound like much, but remember we’ve been out here for hours already, once again, no whining in Tough Mudder.
Not far from Hold Your Wood was (#20) Everest aka, the 1/4 Pipe. I was so excited for this one, but once I saw it, it made me a little nervous. Once again we hit our second bottle neck. We waiting probably 30 mins or so without really moving anywhere in line, finally the MC had to say that you only get once shot, and if you dont make it you can go back to the end of the line. After anther 15 mins or so it was my turn, I made eye contact with the guy’s who were going to help me, I started to run, ran as fast as I could, started to run up the pipe and then some chick beside me grabbed onto her partners hand and swung her legs infront of the guys who were going to help me, it was A) just keep going and smoke my face with her feet, or B) stop. I deiced that I didn’t really want to get smoked in the head, but that ment that my chance was over. I just ran off to the side and cheered the rest of my team on. (Quite a few of them made it up!) 
After a short little run/jog, we made our way to (#21) Funky Money, the monkey bars. I used to rock these as a kid, but these ones have a little more elevation to them. You’re supposed to land in water if you fall, but what I had heard from the spectators that this was the event that people we’re hurting them selves on. The water was about 3 feet lower than what I had seen on previous pictures. Not sure if it was because of the weather, or if it started out full but with everyone from the day falling in and water being absorbed on their clothes, anyways a bunch of us opted out of doing this one, a few from our team did the challenge, some made it across, some fell (and landed hard, because of the lack of water) 
The top of is from Vancouver, and the Bottom Pic is from Pennsylvania, see the difference in water level?

We know that we’re close to finishing now, we can hear people cheering, but have no idea just how far or close we are. We all gather together once again, and start running, then we hear a guy say just three more turns. We can see it, the (#22) Electroshock Therapy, the last obstacle before the finish line. We gather up together as a group and just run for it. 
Once we made it though, we saw the finish line, got our headbands, a shirt and the amazing free beer was waiting for us at the end. (And by waiting, I mean we had to stand in line to get it)

Congrats on everyone who completed the Tough Mudder!! Looking forward to seeing you all August 10th or 11th 2013


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