145 years young

Happy (Belated) Birthday Canada!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful day celebrating Canada Day. We started out the morning walking around Granville Island, enjoying the Jazz Festival and of course having a poutine from Edible Canada.   I can honestly say that I’ve never noticed this restaurant before, but it was amazing- (of course not the healthiest, but still, really good). We walked around for a few hours with Izzie, then headed back to our place to drop her off and then made our way downtown. 
There was thousands of people down by the New Convention Centre, we walked around, got some free items (yay!) and made our way to the Entertainment Stage for the main headliner- Spirit of the West. Everyone mostly knows them for their song “Home for a Rest“. They put on a pretty good show.  Instead of watching the parade downtown we opted out for dinner, then Brent went back home to get Izzie while Andrew and I found our spot for the fireworks. 
Brent arrived about 30 mins before the fireworks with Izzie and we all enjoyed them together. We had a wonderful day spending the day around our town. 

Happy Birthday Canada!

Smile Boys
 My building Celebrating the day! 

Afternoon walk through Gas Town 
Passing some time while waiting for the fireworks- all I can say is don’t judge a person based on their Monopoly skills. Yes, I lost, pretty badly. 

Us and our Cool Telus Hipster Sunglasses


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