Food for Thought

A few weeks ago a friend from work posted on her Facebook about Food Inc. She said that she sobbed watching the movie, but wouldn’t let her husband turn it off as she felt it was important to know where her food comes from. Give and take that its from America, but she still wanted to know. Over the last month she has made some changes to her decisions when buying food. 
This is something that Brent and I have talked about, organic vs. non organic, local vs. grocery store ect. I was honestly nervous about watching the movie, and maybe for selfish reasons. I didn’t want to cry, maybe I wanted to be blissfuly unaware, or maybe I just didn’t want to know, maybe I didn’t want to change what I was doing.

Well this last week Brent and I watched it. My eyes were opened to the term feed lot (this is a place to fatten cows before they make their way to the slaughterhouse). My eyes were open to the way that chickens are raised, and now understand why organic eggs are $4.99/doz. My eyes were open to corn, and all that it does. My eyes were open to GMO’s and the companies that own them. 

What I can say is that I will continue to eat meat. This movie did not turn me away from meat, it did however, make me more aware of the meat that I’m eating. To know where its coming from, how the cattle were raised, fed, and living conditions. Brent and I actually found an organic cattle farmer from up north where you can buy half, or quater of a cow. It may seem expensive but a half of a 1/4 will last us a year (my parents are going to split the 1/4 with us). You will save money, but you just pay a lump sum upfront. The difference is now we will know what our cow was fed, and know that we’re eating organic and local.
We will continue to buy eggs, cheese and milk. But will be more cautious about the labeling, if it says that the chickens were vegetarian fed, it probably means corn- I will turn away from that company. I will not buy milk or cheese that doesn’t specify that no hormones were given. (We do buy lots of our dairy in the states so that’s why this labeling is important).
We do want to buy local, but we’re going to start with fruits, veggies, breads and bakery goods. 

I guess what I can say is that everyone should watch this movie, just to be aware of what food you’re putting into your body, wouldn’t you want to know where it came from?


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