Strawberry Jam

Every year Brent has gone to pick strawberries to makes his own jam. This year the tradition has changed, I got to be involved. We had planned to pick last Saturday, if you remember last Saturday it poured. We made our way out to the farm in Abbotsford and decided that it was probably best just to buy a flat instead. 

It was my job to wash the strawberries and pick out the ones that were still good for eating and put the rest aside for the jam so Brent and Andrew could cut off the tops. 
After washing, I mashed up the strawberries, got the sugar, lemon juice and pectin all ready.
I had no idea how much sugar was involved in making jam. 4 cups to be exact, 4 cups for every 1-3/4 cups of  mashed strawberries. I was pretty surprised. Slightly overwhelmed. 
The jam making experience was a success! I can’t wait till we pick raspberries and blackberries! 


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