it’s here!

It’s here!! Summer has finally arrived! 🙂 and on that note, I have pictures to show you. This blog is more of a photoblog. 
Over the last week Brent and I have been busy with friends and family. Andrew did his first Olympic distance Triathlon down in Jericho Beach. Dana, Andrew, Brent and I went to the aquarium. And My parents came out for a family BBQ with our extended family (who don’t feel extended, they feel close) Brent and I only found out last year that we have family in Vancouver, its so awesome to get together with them, and even tho we only met last year, there’s something about family that just connects you, we already feel right at home when we visit them.

I know that it says 3:51, but his time was actually 2:51. The half ironman started an hour before. 
Family BBQ
Amazing Salads 
No idea who this kid is, but I really wanted a pic of the penguin.
And Brents Pic
Another great one from Brent – love how its looking at you.
Yes, we’re dorks! 🙂
Photo from Brent – No photoshop or editing done


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