July = Raspberries

I always look forward to July, the weather is starting to get better, I love celebrating Canada Day and picking berries.
Brent and I missed out on picking strawberries so we just bought a flat (which I dont think I’ll ever do again, you get lots of mushy and gross ones in it). Anyways, we wanted to get on the raspberries. Once again we headed over to Maan Farms and picked two ice cream buckets in about 35 minutes. The best part was, I found out later that day that the farm had just opened for picking that morning and we were the first people to pick (I was thinking that the berries hadn’t really been picked over).

It was a wonderful way to spend the morning.
The next day my mom wanted to go picking, so Brent and I tagged along and picked another bucket, in the end we had 14lbs of raspberries. 

Day 2

I found a frog while picking, Brent got this great shot! 

(Hi Mom!) 
And of course, we made jam. 
In the end we got 11 (500mls) of jam, and 5 (300mls) of topping.


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