Currently – Summer

It’s been a few months since my last currently so I thought I would do a summer post.
Here is the link for my first currently.

obsessing over: this sunshine! I just can’t get enough, but I have to work, and spend some time sleeping so I don’t really get to enjoy it. I hope it’s around during my days off. 

working onmy new gardening project, I just need a few more items (which I plan on getting this weekend) and then I will post some pictures. 

thinking about: life. 

anticipating: my one year wedding anniversary next month, I’m so excited for it, excited about spending the day together and celebrating us and all that we’ve done over the last year. 

listening to: nothing right now, well no music. I’m sitting on my patio and listening to the leaves blow in the trees, to the water fountain across the street and to everyday summer noise. 

eating: coffee! Maybe that doesn’t count the same, but it satisfies my needs right now.  I’ll probably make my self a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, yummy!! With a pickle on the side. 

praying for: my friends mom, for her family. For my husband, for our future. For me, and my heart. For my relationship with Christ. 

wishing: for tomorrow, I get to see my puppy again!! She spends the days that Brent and I are working over at my parents house, I can’t wait to see her tomorrow.

laughing at: the small things, and pinterest stuff of course. 


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