Celebrating Love

This last weekend Brent and I went to our first wedding as a married couple. This is the first time that I really thought about the words that were coming from the pastors mouth and the message that he was saying. Remembering our vows, and the promise that we said to each other almost a year ago. I had tears of happiness for my dear friend Eliza, as I could see how happy she was.

Eliza was my first friend that I really made in Vancouver, we met though one of my dearest friends from Abbotsford. She actually did my hair for my engagement shoot, and from there we became friends. She is such a Godly woman, and her heart is focused on Christ and making sure that all she does is for his Glory. So when we were invited to her wedding, I was so excited!

It was a beautiful ceremony, and the reception was just as beautiful. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate them, and their love.
Eliza and Rob, I wish you the best & Congratulations!!

I took part in the set up of the reception and quickly took some pictures of the reception, mainly her flowers, I just loved them! 

I just love these ladies


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