One Year Ago…

On year ago I married my best friend! Last year we enjoyed the day celebrating us. Celebrating our love. Celebrating our future together, with God, with our family and friends. I wish that we could do it all again, but it’s not about that.

Today we will celebrate the past year together, as husband and wife. We have learned lots over the last year, the main thing that I have learned is that communication is so important. And this is where I struggle, I’m not a good communicator. I’ve learned that Brent can’t read my mind, I forget that sometimes. I’m trying hard to learn about grace and to have grace for Brent, the type of grace that God has for us. Because, he’s not perfect, and, well, neither am I. 

Over the last year we have made new dreams and new plans together and I can’t wait for these to happen, or for the adventures that will follow with these dreams. I can’t wait to continue to dream together, and continue to build our lives together. To continue to pray together, and to possibly build a family together. 

Brent thank you for loving me, being patient with me, for being my support, holding me when I cry, and being a shoulder to lean on. This year has had its moments of tears and laughter and I wouldn’t want to do them with anyone but you.

I love you Brent and Happy First Anniversary!   


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