white water rafting

I had written a post a few months ago about Balling for Dollars and the teen adventures that the programs hosts, I had the pleasure of doing one more this year, White Water Rafting.

It’s funny how sometimes your life goes full circle, I spent 3 years as a paramedic up in Lytton and Boston Bar, and last week I got to spend 4 days up there, but this time as a Nurse accompanying teens. As we were driving up so many memories came back of my time spent there. Swimming lessons at the public pool in Boston Bar, or the time that HoJo donated a trampoline to the station, we played on it a few times and thought about us breaking our legs and got off. I delivered my first baby  in Lytton, and did many car crashes up there. Driving through I kept talking Brent’s ear off about these memories.

We had three days of rafting ahead of us, with 19 teens and 6 staff it was going to be fun. We did the Thompson River over the course of two days and then spent the last day on the Fraser, doing Hell’s Gate, and Sailors Bar. We rode down the rivers in style, with our J Rigs and engines. The water seemed cold at the beginning but with us getting wet throughout the day and the wind being not so friendly, and the sun being not so generous, it was actually warmer to be in the water.

Because my waterproof camera died last year, I don’t’ have any pictures of us on the river, but I do have many of the resort. It was beautiful there, we slept in these cute little fabric houses and the whole resort had a rustic feel.

This teen adventure was also something that I needed. Not as a getaway, but as a reason, a reason why I work where I do. That what I do does make a difference, and seeing these teens (some who I have cared for) out of the hospital, in remission, healthy, happy and experiencing life is precious. And I am so thankful that I get to be apart of that.

Brent’s great waterfall picture
Brent also got this great shot of my cabin


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