Currently- Fall Edition

Its a new season, so I thought that I would update my currently.

obsessing over: Hawaii, we leave November 4th and I can’t wait to go with my dear close friend! (Husbands are coming too!) I can’t wait to do nothing but lay in the sun.

working on: Fall Crafts!! I’ve made a wreath and I’m working on my knitting skills.

thinking about: Lots of stuff, community groups, Izzie, family, next years vacation. 

anticipating: Thanksgiving dinner, Brent and I are hosting at our place! This will be my first turkey dinner as a wife, 11 people in 634sqft, can’t wait! (We will make a place setting for you Andrew)

listening to: Spotify’s Billboard Top 100 Country version. Counting down the days till I can bust out the Christmas Music.   

 healthy, Hawaii is coming up!! But I am loving all the slow cooker food, soups, chili, stews. 

praying for: Our marriage, and my husband. I think this is something that I will always pray for. As well as both of our families, and my friends. I’m also praying for a future, and where ever that may lead us. 

: well, if I tell you it wont come true 🙂

laughing at: 
If you’re a dog owner you will love this site. Here are a few pictures from their website.


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