Brent and I haven’t had any vacation since February, since we got Izzie. And as of Friday we started our two week fall vacation. We’re not going anywhere, so it’s more of a staycation, but none the less we get to stay home, together, sleep in, and relax. 

One of the big events during this vacation is Thanksgiving, we’re hosting it this year. I’m so excited, the house is getting a spring cleaning (in fall), the turkey is bought, we borrowed serving plates from my mom and the family is coming over on Sunday. I’ve been decorating the house for the last week or so, we have some amazing pine tree’s right by us, and the pine cones that it keeps dropping are ‘the good ones’, we even have a little fall display right infront of our front door, I love it. Actually, I just love fall, especially this one because it hasn’t rained much, well at all. The leaves are starting change colour and fall, filling the sidewalks and roads with vibrant colours. Although the mornings and evenings are now cool and crisp, and you can see your breath when you breathe, its an amazing time of year.

Tomorrow I’m going to bust out some pinterest pumpkin recipes (I’ll let you know how they turn out). 

and for today, I’m going to take Izzie to the dog park and
take some pictures. 


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