We’ve been here for 5 days and its been wonderful. Spending time with friends, relaxing, laughing, enjoying the sun, water, and culture.

Our daily routine involves getting up at 630am (we’re still not adjusted to the time change) having some coffee, going snorkelling (with the turtles), breakfast, out to big beach for a few hrs, lunch, some sightseeing, sun time, wine, dinner, watching the sunset, and then bed shortly after. Maui has the most beautiful sunsets, it takes my breathe away every night, but if you blink- you’ll miss it.

We are so blessed to have some amazing friends, and made some new friends. The house that we’re staying at is a beachfront home, as I sit here and type I’m looking at the beautiful ocean, beaches, tree’s and feeling the warm breeze. It’s amazing, God is amazing.

I set some goals for myself before we left, so far I have achieved two of them, drinking out of a coconut and swimming with the turtles, there are a few more, but we’ll see if I achieve them.

This is more of a quick hello, and wanting to show you some of our photos from Wailea.

no shortage of sunscreen or towels here!

The boys love crashing into the waves.

We had a pig roast at the lu’la.


2 thoughts on “Aloha!

  1. HiI am Ali's mom…so happy to see that you all have been having fun! Thank you for the update and lovely photos…enjoy the rest of your time and I will be back again to check in.

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