Currently- Winter/Christmas Edition

Happy December 1st!! With that comes a new currently! 

obsessing over: Christmas!!! It’s not about the presents for me, it’s about all the traditions, movies, spending time with the family, the festivities, experiences’, and memories.

working on: Crafts!! (I feel like it’s always crafts, you can blame pinterest!) 

thinking about: The trip that we just booked down to San Deigo for my Birthday!! We have some amazing friends there, and the plan is to go to disneyland for a day or two, and try to get tickets for Ellen. 

anticipating: Our family photos!! I won a contest with Tracie Ann Photography, we did them the other day but I can’t wait to see the rest. 

listening to: Christmas Music!! Praise has some amazing music, and I feel like I love every song that they play. I also made a playlist on Spotify. 

eating: Goodies, lots of baking goodies. As much as I’m trying to be healthy, it’s really hard this time of year. I guess thats what resolutions are all about. Oh, and mandarian oranges, I love them!! And it’s the only time of year that I eat oranges. 

praying for: Our marriage, and my husband. As well as both of our families, and our friends. I’m also praying for a future, and where ever that may lead us. For Izzie and Bailey and for what ever else comes our way. 

: For a white Christmas!! Oh how I wish it would happen. 

laughing at: These’s are just a few


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