opening boxes

Last week we started to decorate the house for Christmas, there’s something about opening boxes and seeing all of your Christmas items- the memories that come with each ornaments, the smiles and laughter, and just being together.
Over the last two years Brent and I have been collecting ornaments from each place that we go, these are just a few that we would love to share.

Turtle– This is our newest one, from Hawaii.
Heart– Says frist Christmas, I bought this one, and gave it to Brent as a Christmas gift, this also was the Christmas that we got engaged.
San Diego– Our friends bought us this one when we went to visit them last September.
Cross– Also new from Hawaii.
Yellow Glass Ball– From my old roomie, it was a Christmas gift that he bought me.
Rx– Brent got this one in 2008 from a very special family in Michigan 
Mickey and Minnie– From our honeymoon in 2011
Nutcracker– From our trip to Seattle last Christmas to see the Nutcracker ballet. 


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