Avocado Pasta

I saw on pinterest a new avocado pasta recipe so I thought that I would give it a try. Well the exact recipe didn’t turn out for me, so I had to make a few changes, and I also wanted to add some meat and fresh veggies. It turned out great and my husband really enjoyed it. It’s defiantly a keeper and I will be making it again.

Here is my recipe.

Brown ground turkey (or beef) in a pan, add an onion (to own liking)
Season the meat as you normally would.
(I added ground cumin, garlic, italian seasoning and some paprika) 

Boil pasta as you normally would. We did brown rice pasta, it only needs 5 minutes

While the pasta is boiling, I added to the ground beef…
1 & 1/2 avocado
half of a fresh lemon (juice)
zested the lemon
1 tablespoon pesto sause
~20 mls of milk
~20 mls of water
and mixed it until the sause was creamy. You may need more milk/water depending on how much you’re making.
I strained the noodles and did a quick rinse (rice noodles need a rinse) 
Then added the noodles to the meat/avocado mix. 

I chopped up some fresh green pepper and tomato and used it as a topping.
I feel like you can really add whatever you want. If you try this recipe and make any alternations let me know, I love to see what you’re doing, and how it tastes! 


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