a year in review

With 2012 coming to an end and the start of the new year I thought it was only fitting to post a year in review.

Brent and I did our first major project together as husband and wife, we did renos on our place! We spent a few days tearing apart our kitchen, helping the guy install new cabinets, repainted, got granite countertops with an under mount sink, and we didn’t kill each other!! 

We were able to take our puppy home! After many weeks of going to visit Izzie as a wee pup and we were able to see her grow, we got to take her home. I love the joys of being a puppy parent, and the endless love that she has for us.

I also got to try snowshoing for the first time, I love it, I’m so glad that Brent pushed me to go. I didn’t want to go at the beginning, not sure the reasons why, maybe I thought that I would be too cold.

My birthday, I turned 27 this past year, and I actually can’t wait to turn 28. 28, It feels like such a grown up number. But to celebrated my 27th birthday we spent a few days down in Seattle.

We spent a week in Ontario at Brent’s parents farm, it was my first time going to their house and had lots of fun “working” on the farm. We fed the cows on morning, got some eggs from the chickens, and cleaned up some of the dried corn husks that had flown from the corn field. We spent the days enjoying family, sun, the orchard, and watching Izzie enjoy running around on 5 acres of land. 

We did our yearly trip with the teens from Balding for dollars to Tofino. We always love going, we do work there, (all volunteer) but its wonderful getting to see our teens happy and being teens outside of the hospital settings. 

Was the Tough Mudder!! After months of training- running, hiking, and just mentally preparing myself,  I competed and completed it. Thanks to the amazing support from my husband and team mates it was such an amazing experience and was so proud of my self for completing it. 

Andrew came home, it was a surprise for my dads 60th birthday/retirement party (which he still hasn’t retired yet…) but we celebrated Canada day down on the Plaza. We then picked lots of berries and I was able to make jam for the first time. The strawberry jam was more for Brent, but Raspberry jam is all mine 🙂

08/19 we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! We spend the day together, drinking some wine from the reception, enjoying the top layer of our cake (which tasted so good!), and went out on a dinner cruse. 

Was fishing season, Brent spent some time at the river catching fish for the next year. With the weather also being so amazing we spent lots of time outside and at the dog park. 

We hosted our frist Thanksgiving, I got to decorate the house for fall, and make our first turkey dinner. I had such a wonderful time, and I think that our families did as well. 


We went to Hawaii, this was Brent’s first time, and my second time. We we’re/are so blessed to have gone with our amazing friends and got to enjoy the sun, beach and dinner’s together. This was our first time going on a group vacation. 

On the 25th of december two years ago Brent asked me to marry him, it was wonderful to think of how wonderful our lives are together, and how we’ve grown closer and learned more about each other every day. Saying yes was the best decision I’ve made. And Izzie also got to enjoy her frist Christmas! 

Hope you all had a wonderful and eventful 2012. I can’t wait for the adventures that 2013 brings. 


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