Oregon Trail

Today is the day that I’ve been waiting for for months, maybe even over a year! We left Vancouver this morning at 3am (post night shift, couldn’t sleep and I was so excited anyways) and drove down to Portland. 

We arrived at the store and I can proudly say that I’m the proud owner of a new 13.3″ MacBook Pro!! 

It’s so beautiful, lightweight (compared to my old MacBook), and fast. So tonight as we stay the night in a hotel I’m going to be busy transferring all of my old data from my MacBook to my MacBook Pro. I should say that my old book had done me well. I bought her back in first year university, and have had her now for 6 years, and with only one update she’s done well, and I will let her retire. 

 Oh, but our Apple family has grown, by one more.
Brent got one too!! 

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