I set a new years resolution this year that I wanted to do a half marathon. I’ve never been a runner, and wouldn’t really call my self one (although sometimes I like to think I am one). I’m full of excuses, I think that most people are, “its cold outside”, “its raining”, “I don’t like running with glasses and I don’t want to use a pair of contacts for just an hr”, “my hair elastics are loosing their strength and my ponytail will fall out”. Yes, these are some of mine, and most of them are all really lame and bad. Yes, it rains in BC, we all know that. Yes, it’s cold outside, it’s WINTER. So for my birthday Brent was able to help me with some of these excuses, I got some new cold gear by Under Armour. And they really did do the trick today, today was the last day of excuses and the first day of running. The frist day of starting to accomplish my goal.
I guess I should mention that I signed up for the lululemon half marathon yesterday. It’s my first half, and I’m excited and nervous. I’ve heard that its very entertaining along the way, and they don’t recommend that you listen to music (although I think I will, because I’m pretty sure there is not going to be too many people behind me, they would have all passed me). I have a goal in mind, a time that I would like to accomplish this, 2hrs and 35 mins. Thats the time that I’ve set for myself, and with 201 days to go, I really feel like I can reach my goal.
My plan is to keep tracking my progress and see how much I can improve over the weeks and months. 

Here is the route incase you’re interested in joining! 

Im all ready for the first run of the season, new leggings, shirt and shoes!
(decided to throw a pair of shorts on top of the leggings)


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