new hardwear

Wednesday was the day that I’ve been waiting for for almost 5 months. The day came with mixed feelings, happy and yet with a huge sigh- I’m doing this all over again.

I got my braces on, well just on my bottom teeth. I had braces once, when I was in grade 6, and they stayed on for 3 years till midway though grade 8. After that they put a little mettle bar behind my front back teeth (it’s to help prevent your teeth from moving) but after 6 years that bar popped out, I went to my dentist and he said that it was fine and my teeth shouldn’t move. Well they did, and with not having any coverage for orthodontics for the next 6 years I just left them the way that they are.

After Brent and I got married both of our benefits we’re combined  leading us with some awesome benefits and allowing us to get my braces without leading to a huge bill. After many appointments of X-rays  pictures, impressions, mouldings and consultations, yesterday the braces were put on.

But unlike the braces that I got when I was 12, these ones go behind me teeth. (I did have the option of traditional braces or invisaline) but opted for these because the thought of popping trays in and out of my mouth numerous times a day did not appeal to me.

After two hours in the chair, 8 brackets put on, and a sore jaw, I’m officially a 4 eyes metal mouth. Can’t wait to see my teeth straighten in a few months, oh, and for this pain to go away. 

I normally don’t smile with my bottom teeth showing, but for the sake of my braces I did.


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