little getaway

Back in October Brent and I got a weekend getaway on travelzoo to WoodMark Hotel on Lake Washington, this last weekend we were able to use it, it was the perfect little getaway.

Check in was at 3pm, we decided to spend the day making our way to Seattle. Stopping at the outlets for some shopping, heading into downtown Seattle to stop at REI, surprising our friend and stopping by her work and spending some time catching up. We arrived at the hotel, they had Champagne in the lobby for the guests while we checked it. Did I mention that his hotel was pet friendly?!? This made our little getaway Izzie’s first trip away.

The hotel had a nautical theme to it, considering that it’s on Lake Washington it was only fitting. The grounds were lovely and breathtaking, with a large dog area, docs for evening walks, fireplaces throughout the lobbies, king size bed, pillow service! (Gabriella I thought of you!) Wonderful room service, with some great restaurants in the area.

We wanted this little getaway to be more of a relaxing getaway, and just spending time together. Brent started a new job a few weeks ago and is now a Monday- Friday 8-4 kinda guy, and I’m still on shift work, so getting to spend time together (and neither one of us was exhausted from working) was wonderful. 


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